From Toy Block Hotels to Glamorous Barbie-Themed Hotels

 - Aug 14, 2013
When it comes to vacationing with your entire family, making sure the accommodations are suitable for kids and toddlers is a must, which is why these child-friendly hotels are perfectly suited for any child looking to have some fun while staying abroad.

While most adults tend to look for hotels that are modern, comfortable and reasonably well-priced, looking for accommodations that will suit children requires a whole different list of requirements. Not only should the hotel be safe and child-friendly, but they should also feature aspects and designs that will playfully engage and occupy the children during the stay.

From creative hotel designs that pay tribute to the iconic LEGO building block pieces to those that resemble theme parks and fairytales, these unique child-friendly hotels will certainly provide an exciting and playful experience for both kids and their parents.