Kaja Woelky Offers a New Way to Make Porcelain Products

 - Aug 30, 2014
References: designboom
Kaja Woelky is a designer that does not like to do things in a conventional way, and is always searching for alternative solutions.

Woelky has managed to produce porcelain products with a base of eggs, an unlikely source when putting together these items. "Wimilar to Woelky’s studies, where calcium attaches itself to the egg membrane, the slip (diluted clay that is strained to a smooth consistency) is wrapped around a device that will serve as the framework of each creation," according to DesignBoom. This is the first of a few stages for achieving the final product, which is almost as fragile as the shell used for the production.

Woelky has managed to make multiple creations with this technique, so hopefully others will follow suit. Photo Credits: designboom