Jun Igarashi's 'Tea House' Looks Almost Too Good to Be True

Jun Igarashi is a Japanese architect who also seems to have a thing for tilt-shift photography. Igarashi's 'Tea House' is set in the city of Hokkaido, Japan, and profiles an underground outdoor tea house.

The tea house in question here is actually built below ground, but its roof sits above ground. The playfulness of tilt-shift photography is in full force here and is perfectly complemented by the beautiful scenery, which looks almost too perfect to be real. Of course it is real though, as is the miniature women sitting at the table, which also happens to be the roof of the tea house. If you have been hungering for some quality tilt-shift photography as of late, then be sure to either create your own or just check out Jun Igarashi's 'Tea House' featured here.