Julieanne Kost Observes the Natural World in a Creative Way

 - Jan 19, 2013
References: jkost.net & flavorwire
Julieanne Kost captures an aerial view of the beautiful environment around us in his series entitled 'Window Seat.'

As the name implies, the photographs were captured within the confines of a commercial airplane, which resulted in a variety of captivating and intriguing pictures of the natural world. From the multi-colored and multi-various lights that the sky emits to the cracks in the desert floor, each picture demonstrates a contrasting viewpoint to what we may be used to when we are on the ground.

Julieanne Kost took a staggering 3,000 images over a 5-year period from airplanes to demonstrate to the viewer how he observes the natural world. Though it is very rare to get an exact understanding of someone else's view point, Kost manages to accomplish this smoothly.