Juicy Lickers are Temporary Ink Stamps That Come in a Variety of Flavors

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: juicylickers & laughingsquid
The scratch and smell stickers in people's childhood days now have a naughty adult version that comes in the form of a temporary tattoo that's made to lick.

Juicy Lickers come in a variety of messages and each come with a burst of flavors. Users are to treat Juicy Lickers as any temporary tattoo by moistening with a lick, placing it in the desired spot and then peeling it off. After that, it's a tattoo that'll put any taste buds into action.

The Juicy Lickers tattoos can be used to spice up your relationship if things have gone downhill or it can just be a naughty surprise for your spouse on a daring night. It can be placed where people can see or in spots that have been reserved for invitation only.