Kreation Offers Juice Shots That Can Be Consumed Straight from a Syringe

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: kreationjuice
As much as juice shots have become familiar to most health-conscious consumers who frequent juice bars, Kreation takes this idea to new heights with its Syringe Shots.

As well as offering a range of cold-pressed juice beverages and small-sized tonics by the bottle, Kreation packages a number of its superfood shots in an easy-to-consume format. The 45mL syringes are full of unpasteurized juice blends, each of which is suited to a different purpose. For instance, the Beautify Syringe Shot boasts orange juice, vibrant greens, plus activated silicon for healthy skin, hair and nails, while the Antidote Syringe Shot boasts antiseptic oregano oil and a potent combination of garlic, ginger and Vitamin C from pineapple. While these ingredient combinations may not necessarily be as enjoyable to consume as a full-sized blended juice beverage, they offer a convenient way to quickly support one's sense of well-being.