The Calla Multi-Tool Makes It Easier to Pack the Perfect Joint

 - Jan 23, 2019
References: ca.tokyosmoke
Consumers who are new to cannabis, as well as those who just haven't quite mastered the art of rolling joints, are the ideal candidates for Van der Pop's Calla Multi-Tool: a joint-rolling aid that boasts a sleek design that combines hues of silver, brass, and rose gold.

To use the Calla Multi-Tool, consumers simply roll a paper around the silver barrel, and then seal it while it's being held in place. From there, they can fit a filter into the narrower side of the paper cone. Next, the shovel-like edge can be used to scoop in the desired amount of weed without any spillage. Lastly, the rose gold packing tool can then be used to get rid of any air pockets -- making for a perfectly packed joint that burns just right.