This John Mireles Photography is Domestic and Offbeat

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: johnmireles & fashionserved
The 'Subversive Housewives' series by San Diego-based artist John Mireles is equal parts fashion photoshoot and conceptual photography. In each frame, Mireles portrays the activities of a traditional, suburban housewife with unexpected elements for a decidedly offbeat effect.

One photograph depicts a woman wearing a short frock draped over her arms and shoulders with knee-high socks and pumps while the rest of her body is (scantily) clad in lingerie. She struts down an idyllic suburban street pushing a baby in a makeshift stroller that seems to be part old lawnmower and part shopping cart. In another, a woman wears a pink cocktail dress and high-heels as she vacuums a walkway in front of her house.

Mireles has shot a series that is as amusing as it is provocative.