The Joe Doucet 'OneSense Headphones' Tell The World to Buzz Off

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: mocoloco & theverge
One can finally listen to music without fear of any distractions with the Joe Doucet 'OneSense Headphones,' which were made so that only the one sense of hearing is affected when the headphones are worn. Though its appearance from another's perspective is quite alarming, that's exactly what the product's purpose is: to warn people to leave its wearer alone.

Its red color is derived from the concept that the shade signifies danger; the headphones' jagged exterior is made to keep people from prodding an avid music listener when they are jamming out. The Joe Doucet OneSense Headphones are made to let people give their ears the treatment they deserve without any distractions with a slightly futuristic and rad design to boot. I would love to purchase a pair for extreme situations when I want people to know I'm busy listening to my tunes!