Jock Mooney Creates Disgustingly Thought-Provoking Artworks

 - Sep 7, 2012
References: jockmooney & itsnicethat
Jock Mooney revels in the immature and disgusting. That is not to say that he himself are those things, but it is clear that he enjoys them. And most people who set their eyes on them will to, if for reasons they can't entirely put a finger on. First and foremost, however, Jock Mooney's sculptures are cathartic. Secondly, they each exhibit a lot of talent. From the detail of the carvings to the unique themes, Jock Mooney knows how to catch people's attention and hold it.

Based in the United Kingdom, Jock Mooney produces each of his sculptures by hand. He writes, "It is my intention to produce a subversive shrine of sorts; a contradictory vision which recalls votive offerings, video nasties, schoolboy humour and schoolboy error."