Jocelyn Conway Captures Newborns in Molds of Mother's Pregnant Bellies

 - May 24, 2016
References: photojos & mymodernmet
When a person thinks of baby photography, Anne Geddes' work often comes to mind; but perhaps Jocelyn Conway, a photographer hailing from the United Kingdom, will soon be a household name in her own right. She is creating a series of unique shots that utilize a different kind of prop: Bump bowls. Essentially, Jocelyn Conway uses a mold of the mother's pregnant belly as a cradle of sorts that the baby rests in.

The symbolism of Jocelyn Conway's work is powerful, not to mention comforting. Cushioned with soft swaddles and blankets, it will make the baby feel as though he or she has never left the womb to begin with. Sweet and simple, Jocelyn Conway preserves memories beautifully.