Jim Sanborn Superimposed Geometric Shapes on Huge Natural Features

 - May 16, 2014
References: jimsanborn.net & featureshoot
Jim Sanborn's photo series 'Typographic Projections and Implied Geometries' is a marvelous and appealing set of photographs that converge science, nature and art on a massive geometric scale. The series depicts massive natural formations such as oceans and desert mountains with geometric light shapes superimposed on them. The photos were captured across the western United States and parts of Ireland.

Because of the size of the chosen natural features, Jim Sanborn had to conduct projections from distances as far as half a mile away, and occasionally even light them with search lights and generators. The photos look like composite or computer-edited images but capture scenes as is. Each long exposure was created using a large 200-pound homemade projector and a 4x5 camera.