This Start-Up is Making a Jetsons-Style Smart Home Robot

 - Apr 20, 2016
References: slantrobotics
Slant Robotics is a small start-up in Boise, Idaho that is building the Jetsons-style smart home robot you have always imagined.

'Jerry,' the robot can grab a soda can, push a cart and do a bunch of other tasks. On its website Slant says applications for Jerry include elderly care, security and pick-and-place in areas like warehouses and serving drinks at parties. Jerry is able to do all of these things because, unlike so many other robots coming to the home market, Jerry has an arm. It extends from his torso when in use and retracts when the job is done, just like R2-D2. And, when not in use, Jerry is not a gaudy plastic character in your house. Instead he blends in like a coffee table.

Slant intends to have the robot in homes within a couple of years. But early adopters will be able to get a hobby version of the home robot in a couple of months.

Personal home robots have been a dream for a long time. If Slant gets its way, that dream may become a reality very soon.