Jessica Stoller Exaggerates the Objectification of Female Bodies

 - Jan 16, 2014
References: jessicamstoller & beautifuldecay
The work of Jessica Stoller is incredibly provocative. Yet for all of its disturbing and even offensive imagery, it deals with an important subject matter: the objectification of the female body. Jessica Stoller uses 18th century French aesthetics to touch upon this topic.

Currently on view at PPOW Gallery in New York City under the exhibit name, 'Spoil,' Jessica Stoller's sculptures emphasizes the lack of boundaries between bodies and other materialist images related to consumption. Beautiful Decay writes, "These figures are often erotically or mythically charged.This creates an experience of surreal bodily and material abjection for the viewer, while addressing cultural concerns about the control of the feminine body." Some are more abstract than others, but the literal sculptures are still just as shocking as the abstract ones, if not more.