Jess Wright Fills Her Home with Cute Knick Knacks and Unique Artwork

Although decorating your home can sometimes bring along some frustration, graphic designer Jess Wright definitely makes it look like a fun affair. The artist has filled her house with personal knick knacks that make it look perfectly lived in and as comfortable as can be.

Jess Wright’s three-bedroom home holds pieces of artwork from such artists as Emily Green and Beci Orpin. With all of the inviting colors and vibrantly unique pieces of furniture and decorations, it’s hard not to fall in love with this house.

It may not be time to decorate my own place just yet, but Jess Wright’s home has got me excited to start as soon as possible.

Implications - Home owners look for ways to make themselves stand out from others with their living spaces. Everyday home items allow consumers to personalize their homes. Focusing on this area of design could help a company attract more attention to their brand.