Jed Henry Imbues Samurai Mythology into the Nintendo Universes

 - Jul 1, 2012
References: facebook & geekologie
Jed Henry takes popular characters from the Nintendo universe and creates stunning Japanese-inspired artwork. The pictures all look incredibly authentic, almost as if ancient Japanese history involved the likes of Mario, Pikachu and Link.

The extent to which Jed Henry can incorporate elements from the Nintendo mythos while still staying true to his feudalistic style of art is nothing short of astonishing. A fighting ring with Pikachu fighting Meowth has the two Pokemons look less like anime characters and more like realistic animals as Charmander and Squirtle stand idly by at the sides of the ring encased in their straw basket Pokeballs.

Other renditions include a Samurai looking Mario, a Japanese dragon Bowser and the cast from Star Fox depicted as Japanese gods atop of floating clouds.