Jeanie Chong Uses Paper to Create a Beautiful Welcome Sign for Spring

When one thinks of spring, a number of things come to mind such as flowers, rain and -- of course -- sunshine, which are a few of the things that Jeanie Chong uses to embody the sense of the season into this eclectic art piece that's made from paper.

Chong's work is an exercise in typographical art, which has been one of my favourites for some time now. Instead of simply arranging flowers or creating a springtime scene, Chong takes the literal approach and writes out the word she is trying to recreate. Additionally, flowers and foliage are added for that extra springtime-esque goodness.

Although the continuity of this work by Chong seems seamless, the work is actually compiled out of smaller parts that join together to create the final product; hard to believe, but it does look stunning!