Jean Jullien Renders Simplistic and Fun Before and After Images

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: jeanjullien & cuded
Don’t be too quick to dismiss these Jean Jullien illustrations just because of their minimalistic style; they’re actually some of the most clever images I’ve come across in months. Using plain silhouettes, Jullien depicts before and after scenarios within each drawing. Simply imagine a vertical line running down the middle of each picture and the sequential nature of Jullien’s latest offerings becomes clear.

What’s particularly admirable about Jean Jullien’s work is the subtlety of it all. It’s very easy to not notice the change in the window blinds thickness or how two faces are coming together for a kiss since viewers are inclined to take in the compositions as a whole. Jullien’s creations are proof that a complex idea can trump complex visuals when trying to engage audiences.