Jason Nocito's Photography is Weirdly Captivating

 - Jun 26, 2014
References: jasonnocito & itsnicethat
Jason Nocito's photography reflects the fact that he was once a teenage rebel. Although he's come a long way since his days of playing hooky and flunking class, his photographs are imbued with a sense of unadulterated fun that's consistent with the attitude of high school renegades.

No matter what he's photographing -- a close-up of Azealia Banks' mouth, a shot of an awkward, long-limbed teen -- Nicoto manages to infuse the image with a perverse yet ebullient energy. Every shot is weird and wonderful, leaving the viewer almost giddy, like a child who's just witnessed something particularly illicit. The latest collection of images in his portfolio are no exception, each one exploring sexuality, rebellion and adventure.

If you enjoy this collection, you should definitely check out the rest of Nocito's back catalogue.