The Jarvish X Feature Voice Control Integration

 - Oct 8, 2018
References: jarvish & engadget
Smart helmets are rapidly innovating the motorcycle safety market and a new Jarvish X may be the new king of tech-infused smart helmets. Developed by Taiwan-based Jarvish, this smart motorcycle helmet features voice activation and integration for Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. This allows riders to ask for directions, weather reports, and music control, all without the use of their hands.

Joining the Jarvish X is the much more advanced Jarvish X-AR. Costing two times more than the Jarvish X, this second helmet keeps the voice control capabilities but also integrates a retractable heads-up display that shares speed and direction data. This version of the helmet also comes with a 2K front-facing camera to capture videos and photos of the ride.