The Jam Brush Tube Streamlines the Task of Dressing Your Toast

 - Dec 3, 2013
You don't even have to be in a hurry to make a mess when you're preparing your bread-based breakfast, so the Jam Brush would be convenient on any sort of morning. Instead of buying your fruity preserves in jars and scooping and spreading them with a knife, this concept proposes direct application to keep your jelly confined to the plate.

Conceived by Chen Aiqing, Gao Yang, Chen Shanshan and Han Chongzan, the jam container is a transparent tube with one sealed end and a cap on the other. This lid doesn't have the usual small round opening, but rather a thin and flat nose with a slit. This makes the tip of the Jam Brush flexible so that you can squeeze out its contents and sweep them across your toast.