This Jack Vale Prank Uses Info People Share Online To Trick Them

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: youtube
In this Jack Vale prank, Vale uses social media to freak out a stranger with the very personal information they choose to share about themselves online.

Vale begins by following a man named Joe, who checked into a local Starbucks using Foursquare and sent out a tweet including his phone number with the message: "got a temporary number, text it."

After approaching Joe and introducing himself, Vale pretends he’s getting all this information through intuition and his seemingly psychic senses. He further freaks out Joe with information like his last name and the name of his girlfriend before revealing he just simply read some of what had been recently posted publicly to Joe’s Twitter account to find out these personal details about him. It's normal to tweet these things, but being approached by a stranger who seems to know all these details about you can be a little disconcerting.