ITRI-UV Handrail Auto-Disinfects to Stop the Spread of Sicknesses

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: & yankodesign
It doesn't take a complete germaphobe for subway and bus handles to cause a bit of queasiness, as most public transportation users are at least mildly apprehensive about the microbes that are crawling all over those continuously touched surfaces. The ITRI-UV Handrail would let you breathe a sigh of relief since it's been designed to clean itself between and during each use. This is the innovative idea of Kai-Yu Wu, Cheng-Ta Chiang, Rih-Kuei Fan and Hao-Shiang Min.

An ultraviolet lamp in the handgrip zaps bacteria and viruses so that the next passenger to touch it will remain unaffected by the dirt on the previous person's fingers. Now, overcrowding and jerky rides require the use of other poles as well so the ITRI-UV Handrail system would incorporate the use of an antibiotic coating elsewhere.