Their Circular Life Project

 - Nov 29, 2007
This Italian website takes a little while to load, but it's absolutely worth checking out. Their Circular Life takes you through a series of photographs of different beautiful Italian locations, from a busy metropolitan spot on the canal, complete with gondolas, to a remote park bench.

At the bottom of each image is a circle with a small triangle that you can turn at your preferred pace to control the time of day in the photograph. Though the location doesn't change, the living scenery does, from the lighting to the people making their way through. Phenomenal!

Check out the railway station, Giardini Road, and Amendula Park in Modena, Campo S. Barnaba in Venzia and Pievepalago.

I mistakenly "Stumbled Upon" this site by pressing the button under by Trend Hunter tool bar, and it turned out to be one of the coolest accidental discoveries in a long time.

It really gives you a feel for a place. Even when you travel to a place for a few hours, you still won't get the full 24-hour essence of the location. These images are a fantastic marketing idea for any tourist spot.