Itadakimasu Dishes Serve up an Unusual Storage Alternative

 - Aug 11, 2011
People have been hanging their pots and pans in kitchens for longer than anyone can remember, and now Itadakimasu Dishes endeavor to be treated the same. Designer Marcial Ahsayane has conceived an elegant square plate with a single pierced tab in one corner to accomplish this.

The beautiful ceramic bowl embodies a contemporary aesthetic thanks to its highly geometric and beveled form, not unlike the lid of a take-out styrofoam container. Its high-gloss porcelain finish succeeds however to give it a sophisticated appearance.

In a way, the quality of the crockery may remain understated chic as far as its storage method is concerned. Itadakimasu Dishes can be hung from diamond mount metal hooks against the wall, bringing domestic bits and pieces out of the cabinetry and into plain sight.