Fake Cop Billboards- IsBank Ad Attracts Attention And Slows You Down

 - Apr 3, 2007   Updated: May 25 2011
References: adpunch.org
This April Fools watch out for jokers, they're everywhere! If you live in Turkey and you pass by this billboard ad created by Isbank, don't be fooled, because the police car hiding behind the billboard is a fake. It makes the passer-by decelerate and read the text on the board which says "pay your traffic tickets on time without waiting in line - isbank.com.tr."

Implications - The billboard was created for Isbank to promote its new online traffic ticket payment program. It is quite smart to place a fake police car behind the board because people will automatically stop and slow down. The police car is actually just a cut-out copy and is held in place by a wooden stand.