The Isaac Cordal Portaits are Made of Metal Utensils

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: & xaxor
The Isaac Cordal colander portraits have etched out life-like facial images on to metallic kitchenware pieces. The Brussels-based artist has put on shows at Barcelona's Ras Gallery and at his native HLP Gallery, all of which have featured small, intricate sculptures modeled after satirical situations.

Marriage, climate change and religion have all been at the heart of Cordal exhibits. And while his pieces have been notably dramatic, these colander portraits of noses, mouths and closed eyes are morose and humorous at the same time. Few have been able to work with such a tricky medium, perforated throughout with small openings. Cordal has mastered the challenge however, displaying just how much one can do with a simple household utensil.