Ironman Ironing Board

 - Dec 21, 2006
References: laundrycompany
Not to be mistaken for the Marvel Comics Ironman or a big muscley dude in budgie smugglers, this Ironman ironing board is just the thing against mankind's struggle against creased clothes. Did I say mankind? That's right, cos this sucker is manly enough that even dudes are gonna enjoy ironing.. well sort of.

Broad shoulders for quick and easy ironing, individual legs for your trousers and a handy hole-in-the-head for your iron cord. Also available are a variety of custom ironman covers, from plain colours to stars and stripes. (I opted for plain black.. cos.. I like black!!)

You can buy them from a variety of places- I bought mine at a local gift shop called Unit Concepts for $99.00AUS and covers for $30.00AUS.