The Screaming Banshee Brew is Made by the Irish Craft Brewery Co

 - Dec 4, 2015
References: thedieline
Screaming Banshee is a strong stout produced by the Irish Craft Brewery Co that boasts an eye-catching, mythical label design. The dynamic branding identity for Screaming Banshee was created by Brandcentral, while the illustration portion of the label was done by Steve Doogan, who drew inspiration from the myth of Medusa.

Interestingly, the opportunity for collaboration on the Screaming Banshee label design came about in an unconventional way. Printing company Label Tech was looking to form a partnership with a successful craft brewery to showcase their premium printing capabilities in the form of a label. The label went on to win the top award at the annual Irish Print Awards and showcases the bold metallic embossing capabilities of Label Tech's printing technology.