The Verge Explores the Disappointment of an Extra Bendy Banana

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: theverge
The iPhone 6 bend issue has resulted in exploring some 'similar' problems that are just as disappointing. For instance, the fine folks at The Verge has recently discovered that the banana also suffers from an annoying bend. Although not as bad as the iPhone 6 bend, this still leads to some difficulties.

Chris Zeigler of The Verge writes, "I'd assumed that the banana's protective case would give it some semblance of stability, but I noticed that the one I bought last Friday had a slight bend when I took it out of my pocket this morning. Yes, true, bananas have a natural curve--but you shouldn't be able to bend them further on your own. (Interestingly, I was unable to bend an orange, so not all fruits seem to have this problem.)"