Invisible Threads by Sean Mahan Focuses on an Objective Muse

 - Aug 14, 2013
References: seanmahanart & beautifuldecay
In the past, portraits of women and girls often centred around their roles as muses, in the Invisible Threads series, it centres around them and their own crafty muses. Although still arresting in innocence and beauty, they are presented as more preoccupied by their hobby of choice, whether that is sewing, origami or beading. As Beautiful Decay says about the Invisible Threads series, "Each portrait shows a confident furrowed brow or contemplative daze completely focused inward on a project at hand, unaware of the artist’s gaze."

Painted by Sean Mahan, an artist based in Neptune Beach, Florida, the Invisible Threads series revolves around acrylic on wood. This gives the photorealistic paintings more context as well as texture.