IntuApps Swine Flu Tracker Helps You Avoid Areas of H1N1 Outbreak

 - May 2, 2009
References: newlaunches
The IntuApps Swine Flu Tracker is just another example of our obsessions with fear, news and Apple iPhone apps. It's simple, it just tracks new outbreaks of the H1N1 disease as they happen, but the IntuApps Swine Flu Tracker is more than that; it's a total symbol of the times.

"This application will show you the current threat level for the disease, a map showing confirmed and suspected areas, a symptoms area to inform people and even an alert page for breaking news on swine flu," NewLaunches says of the IntuApps Swine Flu Tracker.

The H1N1 application not in the Apple App store yet, but as soon as the IntuApps Swine Flu Tracker approved, you'll be able to know all the areas to stay away from, for free.