Patrick Moberg Pairs Mainstream Drugs With Their Social Media Substitutes

 - Jul 8, 2011
References: patrickmoberg & happyplace
Everyone has their hidden habits these days, but none quite as unanimously relatable as Patrick Moberg's Internet Vices. The witty illustrator dedicated a page of his blog to comparing popular social media outlets to their drug counterparts, while detailing the persistent and oh-so-true side effects.

The Internet Vices are substance-spiked descriptions paired with appropriate pictures so accurate that they will have you jonesin' for a strong glass of Facebook on the rocks before you even finish reading the whole list.

I say, carry on web imbibers -- knock back a few shots of YouTube, take a hit of Digg, and try a line (140 character max.) of Twitter -- these Internet Vices by Patrick Moberg may be highly addictive but are virtually harmless!