Safeplug Lets Users Surf the Net with Absolute Safety

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: pogoplug & uncrate
Internet privacy isn't always the number one thing on Internet users' minds when surfing the web, but it is a legitimate concern. While most people stop at using incognito windows and clearing search history, that -- most of the time -- isn't good enough. For those who need safety on the net, Safeplug has your back.

Many people don't know, but when accessing a website, one's IP address is vulnerable to scamming. Safeplug uses a system called Tor (a system used frequently by foreign journalists) to allow for complete Internet anonymity. Safeplug does this by routing one's Internet activity through a web of random locations. By doing this, it makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint the individual IP address, so one's Internet privacy is secure.