Internet Explorer 9 Infographic Reveals the New and Improved Browser

One of the very first tools to surf the net was Internet Explorer, but throughout the years, there have been others such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox that have pretty much taken over -- this Internet Explorer 9 Infographic, however, will show why the new and improved browser is worth trying out.

Entitled 'The Browser You Loved to Hate,' this infographic depicts Internet Explorer with four humorous illustrations to demonstrate the ups and downs from its inception to its current state. Unlike its previous versions, Internet Explorer 9 is getting quite a bit of positive reviews with its recent facelift.

Users are commenting on how it saves more battery power when compared to Google Chrome; fans are also raving about its capabilities, such as tab pinning and hardware acceleration features. Take a look through this Internet Explorer 9 Infographic to see whether you're still a hater or a new lover of the browser.