The International HIV/AIDS Alliance Has a New Awareness Campaign

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance has a new campaign to tempt patrons into donating.

The organizion has put together a sultry incentive for would-be donators. The ‘Come Together’ gift box is full of fun ‘activity’ enhancing products. The treats included inside are a blindfold, a stylish, luxury feather tickler, a mature card game and some lubricant. You get the provocative package by a one-off donation of at least $20.

With the box comes a scintillating and NSFW video to advertise it. The International HIV/AIDS Alliance would like to promote safe interactions, instead of shaming people into not talking about the subject at all. The organization'a stance is that adult relations are healthy and wonderful, and that talking about issues related to it will encourage people to be more safe and more knowledgeable on the subject.