Apple Upset Over Mac Cloning in Russia & Germany

 - May 21, 2009
References: news.cnet
There is a heated debate over the sale of Mac clone computers in Russia and Germany. Apple contests that Mac clone distributors in Russia and Germany do not have the legal right to sell Mac-compatible hardware with pre-installed OSX Leopard software licensed by Apple.

The Russian Mac clone manufacturer RussianMac claims that they have the authority to resell pre-installed versions of the Apple licensed operating system because they purchased it directly from Apple. German based PearC is utilizing a similar defense to sell their brand of Mac clones.

The recent OSX battle began when US Mac clone producer Psystar tried the same marketing technique.

Apple has not been embroiled in software wars since the 1982-1988 Apple vs. Franklin court battle that forced Franklin Computer Corp. to withdraw its clones from the market, effectively closing it down.