Electrodoctor Monitors your Heartbeat

 - Feb 26, 2007
References: incubar.org & eltiempo
CELBIT, a young company of engineers and scientists from Manizales, Colombia have designed ELECTRODOCTOR, a device that helps patients with coronary diseases to improve their life quality, by constantly monitoring their heartbeat among other physical variables and sending the valuable data using mobile phones or computers connected to internet.

The device is a comfortable belt that integrates blood pressure, thermometer, electrocardiograph and a pulsemeter. It is designed for clients such as hospitals, firefighters, large companies, airports and bus terminals.

Their creators (engineers Francisco Javier Martínez, Héctor Fabio González and chemical engineering student gloria Patricia Cardona) are currently looking for investors and patent register of their biomedical solution.

photo: Jhon Jario Bonilla / eltiempo.com