The Intel 'What About Me?' App is a Snapshot of Digital Life

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: intel & mashable
The Intel 'What About Me?' app compiles data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create a digital snippet of the user's online social media presence. As if stalking Facebook to see how many people liked a new haircut or constantly checking how many new followers have amassed on Twitter wasn't enough of an ego boost for one day, Intel's app will take the user that extra step further.

The online profile-generator uses recent activity from the three biggest players in the social media game to determine what posts were the most popular, what seemed to be discussed the most often while also giving a rundown of daily habits person based on when, and for how long each social media account was accessed. The Intel 'What About Me?' app also gauges how popular the user's posted material has been and what their interests seem to be based on what they have put online and what they have interacted with on other people's profiles.