Instrument 1 is Successful on Kickstarter & Begins to Ship

 - May 25, 2016
References: artiphon & fastcompany
More and more often, it's becoming apparent that many Kickstarter campaigns don't ever see the light of day -- but that's not the case with Instrument 1. Originally brought to light back in 2014, it has since reached its goal fundraising amount and even begins to ship out soon. Instrument 1 hopes to democratize music by making it easier to make.

With a cleaner, updated look, Instrument 1 can be strummed, tapped, played horizontally like a piano and so much more. Fairly intuitive to use, this universal instrument could be exactly what a musical genius needs -- one who has no formal training in anything music-related. It syncs to phones and computers to pair with existing music-making apps.