This Instructional Basketball Video Teaches Viewers NBA Moves

 - Apr 23, 2013
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Basketball is a game based on repetition and muscle memory, but aspiring ballers can fine tune their game with Dre All Day’s instructional basketball video. Focused on helping athletes perfect the moves of their favorite NBA players, Dre All Day’s videos takes things slow and combine several slow-motion clips with clear, detailed instructions. The result is a body of engaging and instructional video content that provides free guidance to those without a coach by their side.

If you're looking to perfect the Steven Curry set-up cross, Dre All Day takes you step by step through each element. By repeating the move half a dozen times in slow motion, Dre All Day allows the viewer to focus on each individual movement within the set-up crossover.

"We all have a game — whether it be trading stock options, playing keyboards, street pharmaceuticals, writing books, running marathons, or winning court cases," says Dre. "Every day in your game, you either get better or get worse."

This Dre All Day video is a valuable opportunity to step up your game.