Metal Alloy Paper Markers

 - Sep 21, 2007   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: grand-illusions & gizmag
Tired of worrying that your pen won't work? Inkless pens will allow you to scribe onto paper with a special metal alloy. "This solid metal 'nib' of this particular metal pen is made from metal alloy rather than silver," GizMag said. "It leaves a mark on most types of paper and works best on standard copier/printer paper. The mark it leaves looks like that of a pencil however it cannot be erased."

Implications - You could even go so far as to get the special pen engraved or personalized, since it will be associated with your signature for the next thirty or so years. These metal alloy paper markers are practical, fun, and will make secret santa in the office that much easier for the confused gift buyer.