These Inkjet Solar Cells Can Take the Shape of Images and Text

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: gizmag & treehugger
These inkjet solar cells are a unique new innovation in solar power that could be a convenient way to harness energy.

Disproving the idea that solar panels and other devices that harness solar energy tend to be unattractive, bulky or both, these solar cells can be turned into any image or text that the user requires. In an attempt to see if it was possible to transform regular inkject printing, researchers created these inkjet solar cells. It was formed by "inkjet printing a concentrated dye solution on a titanium oxide film, which acts as an electrolyte." The solar cells can convey images in the form of photographs, digital code and text.

This innovation expands the efficacy of harnessing solar energy and has tremendous creative potential for designers.