Inga Sempe's Switches Reinvent Aesthetics and User Interaction

 - Oct 13, 2012
References: & blog.2modern
There are definitely benefits to the boring-looking switch plates you find around most houses, namely to do with intuitive interaction. Inga Sempe's switches don't have that sense of familiarity about them that makes flicking on the lights so simple; however, her designs don't seem like they would throw anyone for a loop.

The collection for Legrand consists of three different styles of light switches and two sorts of wall sockets. To control illumination, Inga Sempe's switches comprise a system of simple rotatable dials and slender vertical strips of long and narrow toggles. They would be nearly unnoticeable if mounted in strategic places. For the designer's plugs, the telephone jack is incorporated into a switch plate and the others are installed with textural backings and power points that press in to reduce protrusion.