TwinRev is an Informative Car-Rating Site that is Easy to Browse

 - Jun 7, 2013
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To all car enthusiasts, TwinRev may be the most intensely informative car-rating site you'll ever see. The site was developed by true car connoisseurs -- and by that, I mean "spec sheets memorized inside and out" type connoisseurs. They wanted to pursue their childhood car fantasies and created an organized car site that reads like an infographic.

On the site, users are able to search from over 6,000 supercars to read everything that has ever been recorded or said about a specific model. The site also lets you compare two cars head-to-head, providing you with an in-depth analysis of both cars and of course, the final verdict and rating of which is better or faster.

TwinRev collects a massive amount of car information from all sorts of online sources that is gathered, edited and presented in a neat manner. Performance data tests and reviews are constantly hunted in order to maintain a full, up-to-date site.