The Infolio Book Rack Permits You to Store Your Paperback and Save the Page

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
It always seems easier to leave your latest read out and untidied rather than constantly reshelving and retrieving it, though Elizabeth Beaudoin has another suggestion. The young designer from Montreal, Canada, proposes a system for an avid reader to place his publication aside on the Infolio Book Rack.

The product of an assignment issued by Ginette Caron, this clever contraption affords a halfway point for storing books between the top of your bedside table and tucked within your shelf. Ideally the cantilevered hanger holds a single novel, which makes it easy for your to locate and acquire your hardcover in a split second.

A few additional and particularly charming features of the Infolio Book Rack include its ability to save your page as you sling the spine over the edge, its easy DIY assembly and its four vibrant color options.