Low Cost Infant Transport Incubator Invented by Engineering Students

 - Jul 11, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: news.colostate.edu & inhabitots
Phil Brox, Jeff Belval, Brett Raver and Casey Dean, mechanical engineering students at Colorado State University, designed, built and filed a patent for an infant transport incubator to facilitate moving babies from a site where they are at medical risk to medical treatment facilities.

The infant transport incubator backpack will be most useful in areas with rough terrain or inadequate road systems. It also uses a shock-absorbing suspension system to protect babies during travel.

Implications - Four mechanical engineering students -- Phil Brox, Jeff Belval, Brett Raver and Casey Dean -- have created a life-saving backpack. The backpack can be attached to a base that fits onto a gurney.

"In some countries, if they have to save a life, they hike in and carry the baby in their hands or use a sling approach. The sad reality is that often the baby dies," says Brox.