ROARINGWILD's SS 2019 is Incredibly Stylish and Utilitarian

 - Feb 11, 2019
References: & hypebeast
Shenzhen-based clothing label ROARINGWILD is bringing industrial workwear to the forefront of modern fashion with a powerful collection.

The Spring/Summer 2019 range is characterized by a style-minded demeanor that boasts oversized silhouettes, angular cuts, and an elegant color palette that "juxtaposes ROARINGWILD's new take on workwear with the homogeneity of mundane uniforms." By revolutionizing traditional silhouettes, the label is able to produce new, worthwhile looks that are able to effortlessly penetrate the contemporary fashion scene. Aptly dubbed the 'RULE BREAKER,' ROARINGWILD's outfits are well-curated in the sense that each piece informs the other. However, the industrial workwear has a certain timeless aesthetic that makes it possible for consumers to relentlessly style a garment and insert it in different scenarios.