This Camera is Designed For High-Powered Survey and Inspection Missions

 - May 9, 2018
References: industrial.phaseone & dpreview
In recent times, much of the talk and hype surrounding drone cameras has centered around their use as recreational and semi-professional photography tools, but the fact of the matter is that industrial drone cameras offer a lot of promise for various applications, and none more so than the iXM 100MP.

Developed by much-vaunted Danish company Phase One, this particular industrial drone camera features a high-powered 100-megapixel sensor, not to mention an IP53-certified waterproof structure as well as an ability to withstand a vast array of temperatures and humidity levels. What's more, the camera can also be used with four lenses, two of which are designed for surveying while others can make use of pre-programmed focus.

With this combination of photographic flexibility and a rugged structure, the iXM 100MP is well and truly designed for surveying, inspection and reconnaissance applications.