Bernd & Hilla Becher's Beautiful Black and White Building Portra

 - Sep 28, 2009   Updated: Aug 4 2011
References: butdoesitfloat & masters-of-fine-art-photography
Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher were a married German photography duo best known for their images of industrial architecture. The Bechers began collaborating in 1959 (and were married in 1961) and worked as freelance photographers capturing industrial and domestic structures in black and white.

Bernd Becher studied lithography and painting and Hilla Becher (née Wobeser) was also a painter before they discovered their true subject in the functional beauty of industrial architecture.

Implications - Consumers are attracted to photographs and products that allow them to look at everyday items in a different light. A business can appeal to potential buyers by re-imagining familiar products and images. As consumers become increasingly more drawn to technology and digital images, simple black and white still life photography offers a refreshing change from the fast-paced digital world.